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How do I unlock the Crypto Card?

Unlocking the Crypto Card has the following benefits:

  • Access the Marketplace to buy and sell over 30+ cryptocurrencies.

  • Ability to buy BTC, TUSD, MTL and XPR for free.

  • Send and receive crypto payments, feeless.

  • Deposit and withdraw cryptos that have mainnet functionality.

  • Hold 10K MTL for zero buy or sell fees on all available cryptocurrencies. 

Note: you can unlock the Crypto and Cash Card at the same time by unlocking the Cash Card (click here).

Step 1: Tap on the Crypto Card.
Step 2: Tap on the ‘Get Started’ button.
Step 3: Enter your current residential address and tap ‘Continue’. 
Step 4: Verify that this is your legal name, correct it if needed and tap ‘Continue’.
Step 5: Enter your date of birth and tap ‘Continue’.
Step 6: Your information will be processed and you’ll see a success message shortly. Tap on ‘Continue’ to access Metal Pay.
Step 7: You can now access the Crypto Card and access the cryptocurrency Marketplace.

Upgrade your account by unlocking the Cash Card (click here) to enable banking features.

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