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How to scan your ID

Metal Pay has engaged third-party service providers to perform many of the services related to payment processing, identity verification, fraud analysis, and regulatory compliance. 

Metal and its third-party service providers require that you verify your identity in order to safeguard the integrity of the platform and reduce the risk of fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, and the violation of sanctions. As such you will need to provide documents to verify your identity, such as a valid U.S. government-issued ID. 

It will also facilitate opening your FDIC-insured bank account that provides you with additional protection. All in all, it means you and your money will be safer. 

All IDs must be uploaded directly through the Metal Pay mobile app. We do not accept any other method of submission, for example, you cannot email Metal Pay with a copy of your ID. You need to provide this information to enable us to provide you with the Services. Account activity on Metal Pay is available to eligible users who have been verified.


At Metal Pay we care deeply about Privacy. The information provided during the process of adding your government ID is governed by our Privacy Policy and sent to us and our third-party partners using SSL—the same secure encryption that websites use to transmit credit card numbers.

Eligible IDs – listed for illustrative purposes only. This is a non-exhaustive list: 

  • Unexpired passport

  • Unexpired driver’s license

  • National identity card

  • State IDs

IDs that are not accepted – listed for illustrative purposes only. This is a non-exhaustive list: 

  • Paper ID

  • Photocopy of an ID

  • Screenshot of your ID

  • Temporary ID

Other unaccepted documents – listed for illustrative purposes only. This is a non-exhaustive list: 

  • Bank card

  • Job ID card

  • High school or university ID card

  • Library card

  • Fitness club card

How to scan your ID

  • Ensure that you enter your name and address exactly as it appears on your ID. EXCEPTION: If your current permanent address differs from what is shown on your ID, enter your current permanent address.

  • A PO box isn't accepted.

  • Ensure that your document is valid, is not expired, and has no hole punches or other modifications

  • Photograph the entire document,  be sure to take a clear photo of the ID. Be sure it has no glare, bending, or fraying, and that all four sides and corners are visible.

  • A photograph taken on a flat surface scans a lot easier than photos taken when physically holding your ID.

  • Ensure your document is in a well-lit area without glare. (Natural sunlight is best.)

  • Please don't obfuscate any information on the ID.

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