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How do I send a transaction with Metal Vault?

This quick guide will help you with sending a transaction in Metal Vault.

Step 1: Select the cryptocurrency that you want to send


Click on the wallet with the cryptocurrency that you want to send a transaction with. You will be taken to the "Receive" transaction page inside that wallet. In this example, we choose the Metal wallet.

Step 2: Go to the send a transaction page


Click on "Send" on the top menu. You will be taken to the "Send" a transaction page.

Step 3: Create the transaction


In Input 1, Enter the address you would like to send to in the "Send To" field. Or scan the QR code in Input 2.

In Input 3, select and confirm the currency. (Only changeable when sending ERC20 tokens)

In Input 4, select the number of tokens or coins you want to send.

In Input 5, select the transaction priority.

For every transaction you send, a fee must be paid to miners who will confirm the transactions. By selecting a low priority, your transaction will be confirmed slower. Higher fee transactions are completed quicker since miners prefer higher fees as it earns them more money.

Usually, the default "Medium" setting works well in most cases.

More advanced users can also select the "Custom" fee option.

In Input 6, you can optionally write a description for your transaction which can only be seen by you.

Click on the "Create Transaction" button to proceed.

Step 4: Review the transaction


Review the summary of the transaction and click on the "Sign Transaction" button if everything looks ok, to send the transaction.

Check this guide if you want to check the status of a transaction.

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