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What is Metal Vault and what features are included?

Metal Vault is a web wallet that allows you to manage your Metal, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and ERC-20 tokens. You can access it here.

What features are included?

The following features are included, or planned to be included:

  • [Release] Metal, Ethereum, Bitcoin and ERC-20 under one roof
  • [Release] Hardware Integration with Trezor & Ledger
  • [Release] Private Key Backups
  • [Release] Multi-signature
  • [Release] Single-signature
  • [Release] 2FA Authentication with Google Authenticator
  • [Release] 24/7 Live Support
  • [Nov. 20] Ability to add custom tokens
  • [TBD] Integrated bank account for US Customers
  • [TBD] In-wallet exchange functionality
  • [TBD] Additional Cryptocurrencies, e.g. Litecoin, Neo, Stratis, Waves, Bitcoin Cash
  • [TBD] Invoicing capability for Metal and Cash
  • [TBD] Open API to develop on Metal platform

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