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List of cryptocurrency words

ALTCOIN = Any crypto currency other than bitcoin.
ASHDRAKED = A situation where you lost all your money.
ATH = Short form for "All-Time High". Therefore it means the highest historical price of a specific coin.
ATL = Short form for "All-Time Low". Therefore it means the lowest historical price of a specific coin.
ARBITRAGE = The act of buying and selling on different exchanges to earn the difference in the spread.
BAGHOLDER = A person who buys and hold coins in large quantity hoping to make good profits in the future.
BEAR/BEARISH = Negative price movement
BTFD = Buy The Fu** Dip (an indication to buy a coin when it has dumped so hard)
BULL/ BULLISH = Positive price movement
DUMP = To Sell off a coin
DUMPING = Downward price movement
DYOR = Do Your Own Research
FA = Fundamental Analysis
FILL OR KILL = A limit order that will not execute unless an opposite order exceeds this limit order’s amount.
FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out (A coin is pumping and you get the feeling it's gonna pump more, so you buy high)
FUD = Fear Uncertainty & Doubt
HODL = Hold/Hold a position
JOMO = Joy Of Missing Out
LONG = Margin bull position
MCAP = Market Capitalization
MOON = Continuous upward movement of price
OTC = Over The Counter
PUMP = Upward price movement
SAJ CANDLE = Huge green candle
SHITCOIN = A coin with no potential value or use
SHILL = The act of unsolicited endorsing of the coin in public.
SHORT = Margin bear position
SWING = Zig zag price movement (Upwards and downwards)
TA = Technical Analysis
REKT = When you have a bad loss
REVERSE INDICATOR = Someone who is always wrong predicting price movements.
RSI = Relative Strength Index
WEAK HANDS = Those who cannot be patient and sell at loss when the market is down.
WHALE = Very Wealthy trader/Market mover

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