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How many MTL tokens are there and how were they distributed?

There are a total of 66,588,888 MTL in existence. The original distribution of MTL is as follows:

Initial circulating supply: 21,088,888 MTL (distributed initially via a token sale to friends, family, and accredited investors)

PoPP Issuance: 26,341,112 MTL

Operation Pool for Metal Project: 13,378,888 MTL (locked for one year - used for such efforts but not limited to: Attracting top talent to the company, marketing purposes and performance-based bonuses for employees.)

Employees/Advisors: 3,780,000 MTL (This balance decreases as tokens vest monthly over the course of 1 year from the token sale).

Metal Foundation: 2,000,000 MTL

This information can also be found in our whitepaper.

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