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Are ERC20 token mainnet launches supported by Metal Vault?

No, Metal Vault only supports ERC20 compliant tokens. When cryptocurrency projects decide to launch their tokens on their own unique blockchain (mainnet) their tokens will no longer be valid ERC20 compliant tokens and thus no longer be compatible with Metal Vault.

How to prepare for a mainnet launch

Check the project that will launch on mainnet for more information. They will give you instructions on what to do.

Usually, you'll need to transfer all your tokens to a cryptocurrency exchange that supports the switch to mainnet a few days before the launch date. After the mainnet launch you'll be able to transfer your tokens from the exchange to a mainnet compatible wallet.

Your funds may be at risk if you don't complete the transfer procedure

Please be advised that if you do not complete the transfer procedure, as instructed by the project, your tokens could potentially become worthless.

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