I lost my Metal Keycard and forgot my password


Your funds may be at risk when you forgot your password and lost your keycard.

You can only recover your password with your keycard by following the instructions here. We won't be able to reset your password for you since we don't have access to your account.

Your Metal Keycard is literally the key to your Vault. Only you can download your Metal Keycard (you were instructed to do so when signing up for Metal Vault). We don't have a copy stored on our servers to provide you with a new one.

We won't be able to recover your Metal, Ethereum or ERC-20 tokens if you lose complete access to your account. We may be able to recover your Bitcoin balance.

We will provide you with some tips for remembering your password and finding your keycard below because it has helped some customers to get access to their accounts again when they thought they were out of luck.

Keep Searching For your Metal Keycard

Try to search your computer for your Metal Keycard. It's possible that you never deleted it. It may still be there, in a different folder then you thought it would be.

Our "What does the Metal Keycard look like?" article may help you with searching for the keycard filename on your computer.

Try To Remember Your Password

Following the instructions in this article may help you with remembering your password.

I Really Can't Find My Keycard And Forgot My Password

We won't be able to help you regain access to your account unfortunately for the reasons specified earlier.

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