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How to set up a Binance wallet in Metal Vault


This quick guide will help you with adding a Binance wallet in Metal Vault.

The Binance Wallet Isn't Preconfigured


The Binance wallet is linked to an Ethereum wallet under the hood. That's because Binance is an ERC-20 token that resides on the Ethereum blockchain. It carries smart contract information that identifies it as BNB. Therefore it needs a parent Ethereum wallet to cover for transaction fees. 

In this guide, we'll use the preconfigured Ethereum wallet, but you can also create a new Ethereum wallet first.

Step 1: Go To The Create A Wallet Page


Click on the add wallet button (the “+” icon beside “Wallet”) on the Metal Vault dashboard. You’ll be taken to the “Create A Wallet” page within Metal Vault.

Step 2: Create The Binance Wallet


Step 1 asks “Which currency would you like to use? Select "Binance".

Step 2 asks “Which parent wallet do you want to assign? Select " An Ethereum wallet of choiche".

In Step 3, enter a name for the Binance wallet you want to create. It's good practice to give it a descriptive name to avoid uncertainty later.

Finally, click on the "Create Wallet” to complete the process.

The Binance Wallet Has Been Successfully Created


You now successfully created a Binance wallet. The Binance wallet is now accessible from the Metal Vault dashboard.

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