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How to import a wallet from MyEtherWallet to Metal Vault


This quick guide will help you with importing your wallet from MyEtherwallet to Metal Vault.

 Step 1: Go To The Create A Wallet Page


Click on the add wallet button (the “+” icon beside “Wallet”) on the Metal Vault dashboard. You’ll be taken to the “Create A Wallet” page within Metal Vault.

Step 2: Create A New Ethereum Wallet


Step 1 asks “Which currency would you like to use?” Select “Ethereum”.

Step 2 asks “What kind of wallet do you want to create?” Select “Keystore”.

In Step 3, enter a name for the Ethereum wallet you want to create from the MyEtherWallet imported wallet. It's good practice to give the wallet a descriptive name, to avoid uncertainty later.

In Step 4, select the keystore file from MyEtherWallet that you stored on your hard drive from the MyEtherWallet website and fill in it’s associated password. Click on the “Import Keystore File” to start the import.

The Wallet Has Been Successfully Imported


You now successfully imported your wallet. The wallet is now accessible from the Metal Vault dashboard.

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