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How to create a new Wallet ?


Hey there!

today I'm showing you, how to create a new Wallet.

What you'll need:
1. An Internet Browser and Internet connectivity ;-)
2. Account on Metal Vault (Web Wallet)

1.) Open your Browser and type the following URL in your address bar. (2) then Login into your account.


2.) Click on the wallet's "plus" sign to get started


3.) On the "Create wallet" page, you have to select which currency you want to choose and which parent you want to assign. (especially for MTL Wallet).
Ethereum= Singlesig, TREZOR (Hardware), Ledger (Hardware), Keystore
Bitcoin = Multisig


4.) Your last step is, to choose a name for your wallet and then click on "Create wallet" button. Once you have finally set it up, go back to your wallet's home page and check the ones you just have created.


That's it

If you are still unable to add your prefered wallet, please contact me via HelpDesk


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