How to freeze your wallet and lock your funds In Metal Vault


This quick guide will help you with freezing your wallet in Metal Vault.

Freezing your wallet will prevent Metal Vault from signing any transactions belonging to that wallet. Freezing a wallet will lock all funds until the timer has expired.

Step 1: Select The Wallet That You Want To Freeze


Select the wallet you want to freeze from the Metal Vault dashboard. You will be taken to the transactions page of that wallet. In this example, the Ethereum wallet.

Step 2: Go To The Settings Page


Click on "Settings" on the top menu. You will be taken to the settings page.

Step 3: Go To The Security Page


Click on "Security" on the left sidebar menu. You will be taken to the security page.

Step 4: Select How Long You Want To Freeze The Wallet


You can now select how long you would like to freeze your wallet. You can set it to minutes, days or a couple of weeks. Click on the "Freeze" button to freeze the wallet.

Step 5: The Wallet Has Been Successfully Frozen


The wallet will stay frozen until the timer expires. If you encounter a problem with this feature, open a support ticket.



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