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How to freeze your Metal Vault


You can Freeze a specific wallet in your Metal Vault account.

Freezing your wallet will prevent, to signing any transactions belonging to this wallet. Freezing a wallet will lock all funds in it, until the timer has finished.

To freeze a wallet, follow the steps below:

1.) Log-in to your Metal Vault account


2.) Once logged in, click the specific wallet you want to freeze.


3.) Click the SETTINGS tab.

You can now set the time you want your wallet to freeze. You can set it to a couple of weeks,  days, hours, or minutes depending on your need. This is a great option when you will be out of time, maybe on a vacation, and won’t be able to use the internet - to keep your wallet safe and secure.


4.) Now the Wallet is freezed, until the timer has finished.


That's it

If you notice any problems with using this option, please send us a ticket.

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