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How to add custom ERC-20 tokens to Metal Vault


Hey there!

Are you looking to add custom Tokens to you Metal Vault ? Then you’re in the right place!
My name is Yannik and I will show you how to add custom tokens.

What you'll need:
1. Account on Metal Vault (Web Wallet)
2. Ethereum Wallet
3. An Internet Browser and Internet connectivity
4. One minute or less of your lifetime

1.) Open your Browser and type the following URL in your address bar.


2.) Add or click on your Ethereum Wallet (1.)


3.) First click on the Token tab (1.) and after that on the small + Button (2.)


4.) Now you are able to add a custom token, but when you are still worried about the needed information, read the rest of this article.


5.) To get more information about the Token and the left data, is a good ressource.


6.) Now search for your token (1.) For example we use QTUM



7.) Now you are able to get the needed information like:
      Name: Qtum
      Code: QTUM
      Decimals: 18
      Contract Address: 0x9a642d6b3368ddc662CA244bAdf32cDA716005BC
      Fee: You can search in the transactions on for working fees or use 75000 as fee, that work in the most cases.

8.) Now you only need to press "OK" to add the Token.



That's it

If you are still unable to add the custom token, please contact me via HelpDesk


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