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Announcement from Metal Team


Dear Metal Community,

Thanks for trying out the alpha launch of Metal Vault. We hope you are enjoying having your Metal and other coins all in one secure location.

We value your feedback and will continue to iterate and deliver on our product launch dates. Our team has been working fast, and we’ve learned along the way.

As a company, we believe in crafting the highest quality products. Metal has an amazing team with a history of achieving great things. We have experience creating excellent products for established companies and are doing the same here at Metal.

We also believe in holding ourselves to a higher standard by always acting in good faith. We haven’t followed the traditional path of a crypto company, because we are more than a crypto company.

Metal Vault is only the beginning of a long line of products we are building.

Moving forward, we pledge to maintain our laser focus on developing a product that is not only intuitive but comprehensive. We are grateful for our early adopters and appreciate your continued support.

In addition, we hope to better serve our community by moving our public chat into mainstream channels, such as Twitter and Reddit. We will discontinue to use Slack and Telegram. Not only will we gain access to better management tools, but we’ll join the ranks of early internet companies that have come before us.

Over the past few months we have been hard at work on a collection of products that will change the future of money, not only for the crypto world, but for everyone.

We are excited about the future of this company, and will continue to grow and move forward.

Metal Team

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