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Metal Wallet (Vault) Password Recovery


Step by step guide to recovery your password from the Metal Wallet (Vault)

What you need:
1. Internet Browser and Internet connectivity
2. Your Keystore card

1.) Open your Browser and type the following URL in your addressbar.

Then click on "Forgot your password?"


2.) Type your e-mail address, which one you used to Sign up, in the field (1.)
     now click on (2.) "REQUEST PASSWORD RESET"


3.) We send an e-mail to you, check your e-mail inbox (also Junk or Spam folder)


4.) That's what the mail looks like, to finish the process click on "Verify your e-mail address"pasted_image_3.png

5.) Now open your Keycard with your preferred PDF Viewer and
     copy the red marked section (1.) into your clipboard.


6.) In your Browser is now, the following window open, after your click on "Verify your e-mail address".
Paste the clipboard text (from step 5.) into the field "Recovery data:" (1.)
and type your new password in the field (2.) and repeat with the same password (3.)
after you finish click on "REQUEST PASSWORD RESET" (4.)


That's it

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