How to recover your password in Metal Vault


This quick guide will help you with recovering your password inside Metal Vault.

Step 1: Click On The Forgot Your Password Link In Metal Vault


Simply open Metal Vault and click on the "Forgot Your Password" link or click this direct link to initiate the process to recover your password in Metal Vault.

Step 2: Request To Reset Your Password


Type the email address that you used to create your Metal Vault account. Next, tick the captcha and click on the "REQUEST PASSWORD RESET" button.

Step 3: Visit Your Inbox And Open The Mail You Received From Us


You will receive a "Reset Your Password" email from, so visit your inbox and open that email. Next, click on the"Verify Your Email Address" link to proceed

Step 4: Open Your Keycard With A PDF Viewer


Open your Keycard with your preferred PDF viewer and copy the red marked section into your clipboard.

Step 5: Open Your Keycard With A PDF Viewer


Paste the clipboard text from the previous step into the "Recovery Data" field.

Type your new password into the "New Password" field.

Confirm your new password into the "Confirm New Password" field.

Click on the "REQUEST PASSWORD RESET" to complete the process.

This concludes the "How to recover your password in Metal Vault" tutorial.

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