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Metal Keycard FAQ


What is the Metal keycard?

The keycard contains important information which can be used to recover your account in case you forget or lose your password. Each Metal account has its own, unique keycard. If you have created multiple accounts, you should retain the keycard for each of them.

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What should I do with it?

You should print the keycard and/or save the PDF to an offline storage device. The print-out or USB stick should be kept in a safe place, such as a bank vault or home safe. It's a good idea to keep a second copy in a different location.

What should I do if I lose it?

If you have lost or damaged all copies of your keycard, your funds will be at risk. You should transfer your funds to another account or crypto-currency address not associated with the compromised account.

What if someone sees my keycard?

Don't panic! All sensitive information on the keycard is encrypted with your passcode, or with a key which only Metal has. But, in general, you should make best efforts to keep your keycard private. If your keycard does get exposed or copied in a way that makes you uncomfortable, the best course of action is to empty the corresponding wallets into another account and discontinue use of the old account.


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