What is the Metal Keycard?


When you created your account for Metal Vault, you were instructed to backup and download your Metal Keycard. For very good security and safety reasons. Here's why:

The Metal Keycard contains important information which can be used to recover your account in case you forgot or lost your password. The Metal Keycard has your user key stored in it, this is your private key with your passcode, as seen in this image:


Your Metal Keycard is literally the key to your Vault. Only you can download your Metal Keycard. We don't have a copy stored on our servers.

So be careful you don’t lose it, and that you control who has access to it. If another party has your keycard, they can take your funds.

Your funds may be at risk when you lose your keycard, because you won't be able to recover your account in case you forgot your password that you used for signing up for Metal Vault.

Each Metal Vault account has its own, unique keycard. If you have created multiple accounts, you should retain the keycard for each of them.

We highly recommend you to keep multiple copies in multiple locations, even on multiple devices. Check out how you can download your Metal Keycard here.

Check our article: What does the Metal Keycard look like? If you need help with finding your Metal Keycard on your computer.

Check out how you can recover your password in Metal Vault with your Metal Keycard.

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