What is 2FA and should I use it in Metal Vault?


Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA as it's commonly abbreviated, adds an extra step to your basic login procedure. 2FA requires not only a password and username but also a piece of information that only the person who enables it has access to, like a token or code. 

When you enable 2FA for Metal Vault, an MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) token (6 digits numeral code) will be added as a requirement to log in to your Metal Vault account.

We use the Google Authenticator app to enable 2FA to your Metal Vault account. It displays an MFA token each time you log in to Metal Vault. This MFA token will be different every time.

We highly recommend you to enable 2FA to your Metal Vault account because it adds another layer of security to the login procedure and it makes it harder for intruders to gain access to your account.

If you want to enable 2FA right away, follow the instructions in our How to set up 2FA in Metal Vault guide.



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