How do I enable 2FA in Metal Vault?

Step 1: Go to the settings page


Click on "Settings" on the left sidebar menu. You will be taken to the settings page.

Step 2: Go to the security page


Click on "Security" on the top menu. You will be taken to the security page.

Step 3: Go to the 2FA page


 Click on "2FA" on the left sidebar menu. You will be taken to the 2FA page.

Step 4: Download and install Google Authenticator


Select Google Authenticator in the "Type" field.

Download and install Google Authenticator on your mobile device from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Once you have downloaded the app, click on “Setup”

Step 5: Open Google Authenticator and add a new authentication key


If this is your first time using Google Authenticator, click on "Begin Setup" to add a new key.

If you have previously set up Google Authenticator, click on the + icon in the top bar to add a new key.

Google Authenticator will now present you with two options to add a new key. You can either add it manually or by scanning the barcode. You can choose either one but we'll use the easiest method in this guide, which is scanning the barcode.

Click on the "Scan barcode" option in Google Authenticator.

Step 6: Scan the QR Code 


Point the camera of your mobile device at the QR Code displayed on Metal Vault. Google Authenticator will scan the QR Code and display a 6 digit OTP (One Time Password) code. Enter that code in the “Enter your token below” field.

Step 7: Complete the setup


To complete the 2FA setup for Metal Vault, click on the "Complete Setup" button. 

Enter the MFA token every time you log in to Metal Vault


Now that you successfully enabled 2FA in Metal Vault, you'll need to enter the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) token (6 digits numeral code) that the Google Authenticator app displays for your Metal Vault account, each time you log in to Metal Vault. This MFA token will be different every time.

First, enter your email and password in the required fields and click on the "Sign In" button on the login page. Enter the MFA token Google Authenticator displays in the "MFA token" field to log in.

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